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Resonance of the Guitar

First, a little bit of background information about musical frequencies and the effect of Fibonacci ratio in naturally resonating notes:

The calculated frequencies start with A440 and applies the Fibonacci relationships. In practice, pianos are tuned to a “tempered” frequency, a man-made adaptation devised to provide improved tonality when playing in various keys. Pluck a string on a guitar, however, and search for the harmonics by lightly touching the string without making it touch the frets and you will find pure Fibonacci relationships.


The natural sound created by Fibonacci relationships can be heard anywhere with an intensive ear; in hair dryers, large engines; practically anywhere where moving pieces are working together. I tried explaining the natural resonance which can be heard in natural elements before; check for a sample attempt.

I thought it would be nearly impossible to record the naturally resonating sound frequencies within Fibonacci intervals, because the resonating sounds usually come at the cost of a large background noise. However; as I messed with guitar harmonics in Logic, I came up with a sketch (nothing more) which clearly demonstrates naturally resonating frequencies within Fibonacci intervals.

Curious? I thought so… Listen to “Resonance of the Guitar” on the music player at my Facebook musician page – preferably with headphones, since cheap speakers will probably eat most of the resonating frequencies.


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