Should I be an ABAP consultant?

If you are looking for general career guidance, you’ll find it here: How To Pick A Profession.

If you are looking for SAP / ABAP specific career guidance, you are likely to find most of your answers by watching my career conference at Halic University 🇹🇷 or by reading my article Career in ABAP.

Freelancer aspirants should read this article 🇹🇷, while new graduates should read that article 🇹🇷.

My ally Ümit Erol has also published some good articles 🇹🇷 on the subject.

How / where can I learn ABAP?

In this video, me & some other industry experts discuss how technical students can learn SAP / ABAP, how to find a server to study and how experts can follow new technologies.

How can I advance as an ABAP programmer?

To advance as a software architect, I recommend reading my SAP Press book Design Patterns in ABAP Objects.

I have published most of my ABAP documents on SlideShare and my personal code library on GitHub. You can check the software.sap category of my blog for further tips & tricks. 

We also publish useful ABAP related videos on YouTube 🇹🇷.

Author: Dr. Kerem Koseoglu

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