Fender Series Quality Ranking

Fender has many guitar & bass series; which can be confusing for the customer. In this post, I will make a clear ascending ranking of theoretical quality levels of their instruments.

Theoretical is emphasized, because each and every guitar is unique. A supposedly low-ranking guitar might turn out to be great, while a supposedly high-ranking guitar might turn out to be mediocre. Plus, you might prefer a supposedly lower-ranking guitar to a supposedly higher-ranking guitar due to subjective reasons (I like passive basses better, for instance).

So, always buy with a trusted expert to do the essential checks if you aren’t experienced to tell gems from lemons; to ensure that the price surplus really corresponds to a quality surplus.

If you are wondering about how expensive your guitar should be; check this article.

Level 10: Squier

  • 11: Affinity
  • 12: Standard
  • 13: Classic Vibe (formerly Vintage Modified)
  • 14: Contemporary

Level 20: Mexican

  • 21: Player (formerly Standard)
  • 22: Vintera (+ discontinued Aeordyne)
  • 23: Deluxe Active
  • 24: Road Worn
  • 25: Artist

Level 30: Japan

Fender Japan stopped production; however, their supposed quality level was right between Mexican and USA models.

Level 40: USA

  • 41: Performer (formerly American Special)
  • 42: Pro (formerly American Standard)
  • 43: Original
  • 44: Ultra (formerly Elite, Deluxe)
  • 45: American Artist

Level 50: Custom Shop

  • 51: Team Built
  • 52: Master Built

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