Todo Based Coding in ABAP

This article has been featured by SAP among March & April 2019 contributions. Today, I would like to demonstrate a very simple but effective programming habit that I use in ABAP development: TODO based coding. The idea is to plant TODO comments into the code (typically among multiple programs / classes) before actually starting … Continue reading Todo Based Coding in ABAP

Pedal Brand Ranking

In this post, I will share my subjective opinion on pedal companies. Obviously, every company has exceptionally good / bad pedals. The list below contains my impression of their average / common products. Multi-effect units typically lack a high quality sounds; therefore, this article is limited with single effect pedals that I have personally used … Continue reading Pedal Brand Ranking

Kader ve İrade

Bu konuda bana farklı kaynaklardan gelen soruları bu yazıda cevaplamak istiyorum. “Eğer kaderimiz baştan belliyse; kafir olacağımız ve kalbimizin mühürleneceği de önceden belliyse, kişinin buradaki tekamülü belli midir? Tüm bunlar içinde irade işin neresindedir?” Öncelikle, söz konusu soruda bahsedilen konuyla ilgili bazı örnek ayetlere göz atalım. Allah, onların kalplerini ve kulaklarını mühürlemiştir. Gözlerinde de perde … Continue reading Kader ve İrade

Fender CS 1960 vs Flea Bass

What’s similar? Body shape Truss rod Stacked VTVT design Lightweight To my ears; both have less high-mids and more low-mids. Compared to a regular VVT jazz bass, I could get closer to the P-Bass thump. They are meant to look old, so I don’t mind damaging the finish by accidental hits Tuners work in reverse, … Continue reading Fender CS 1960 vs Flea Bass

Surplus of Expensive Guitars

In this post, I will share my opinions on the reasons why some guitars are significantly more expensive than others. I will also discuss if high price is correlated to a high quality, and if low price is correlated to a low quality. Why Expensive? Producing some of the most expensive basses on the market, … Continue reading Surplus of Expensive Guitars