ABAP CDS View Tip: First and Last Day of Month

Here are two cool formulas to calculate the first & last days of a given month. First day: cast( concat( concat( year, month ), '01' ) as abap.dats ) as first_day Last day: DATS_ADD_DAYS( DATS_ADD_MONTHS( cast( concat( concat( year, month ), '01' ) as abap.dats ), 1, 'FAIL'), -1, 'FAIL' ) as last_day Real world … Continue reading ABAP CDS View Tip: First and Last Day of Month

Yazılım Mimari Kimdir?

Bana gelen bir soru üzerine paylaşmak istedim. "Yazılım Mimarı" diyebileceğim bir kişide benim arayacağım subjektif kriterler şunlar olacaktır. Programcılık yetkinlikleri Birden fazla dilde geliştirme yapabilmekMobil, masa üstü, Back-End, Front-End gibi konularda (hepsinde uzman olmasa da) geliştirme yapabilmekGit gibi versiyonlama araçlarını etkin kullanabilmek / yönetebilmekDesign Pattern ve Object Oriented'a hakim olmak, Anti-Pattern'lerin farkında olmakKISS, YAGNI, DRY, … Continue reading Yazılım Mimari Kimdir?

Bass String Features

In this post, I will review the features to consider when picking a bass string; ordered by significance. I will mark my personal favorites with a star. Features Winding Ordered from darkest to brightest; WindingSoundSuitable forTape-WoundDarkestDub, reggae, upright simulationFlat-WoundLess top-end, more bottom-endVintage, motown, R&B, blues, jazz, post-modern indieHalf-WoundHalf-RoundGround-WoundFlat-Wound plus some top endORRound-wound minus some top … Continue reading Bass String Features

Current Date & Time in ABAP CDS Views

On older SAP systems, you may struggle to obtain the current date / time in CDS views. Passing SY-DATUM and SY-UZEIT as parameters is possible, but not elegant. Here is my solution: I have created a central CDS View which builds SY-DATUM and SY-UZEIT: @AbapCatalog.sqlViewName: 'ZBCV_100' @AbapCatalog.compiler.compareFilter: true @AbapCatalog.preserveKey: true @AccessControl.authorizationCheck: #NOT_REQUIRED @EndUserText.label: 'System values' … Continue reading Current Date & Time in ABAP CDS Views

SAP Web IDE Personal Edition: VM Error on Mac – SOLVED

We all know and love the SAP Web IDE Personal Edition; also known as "Orion". However; after upgrading your OS or Java Virtual Machine, it may refuse to start up and tell you that it "Failed to Create Java Virtual Machine". Here is the solution that worked for me. A similar approach would work for … Continue reading SAP Web IDE Personal Edition: VM Error on Mac – SOLVED

Power Trio Bass Pickup Choice

Here is a list of some power trio bands that I like + their bass pickups of choice. BandUsual bassBass pickupUsual guitarGuitar pickupAudioslaveStingRayHumbuckerTelecasterSingleGreen DayPrecisionHumbuckerStratocasterSingleJohn Mayer TrioPrecisionHumbuckerStratocasterSingleNirvanaPrecisionHumbuckerJaguarSinglePolicePrecisionSingleTelecasterHumbuckerRATMStingRayHumbuckerTelecasterSingleRHCPStingRayHumbuckerStratocasterSingleRushJazzSingleLes PaulHumbuckerSRVPrecisionHumbuckerStratocasterSingleWinery DogsYamahaHumbuckerTelecasterSingle What I'm about to say is a limited subjective observation and I'm sure that there are countless exceptions to it; however, power trios that I like seem … Continue reading Power Trio Bass Pickup Choice