SAP Web IDE Personal Edition “Unhandled Error” SOLVED

After adding a new UI5 version to your SAP Web IDE, you may get the following error: Unhandled Error: undefined is not a valid argument for URI I have solved this problem by deleting my previous projects. Steps on a Mac: Stop Web IdeGo to /Applications/eclipse/web-ide (or wherever you installed the Web Ide)Right-click "" and … Continue reading SAP Web IDE Personal Edition “Unhandled Error” SOLVED

Stages of pandemic social behavior

Unfortunately, this is the typical social behavior pattern I see around. StageWillBoredomBehavior1HighLowStays at homePosts masked photosWorks on idle goals"Slow pace is good!"2MediumMediumMisses old habitsTBT's holiday photosSlacks on precautions"When will it end?"3LowHighBack to old habitsPosts new social photosAbandons precautions"Everyone else does it too" Here is a shareable infographic:

Guitar Neck Sawing Types

If you are in the market for a bass or electric guitar, you will encounter two options: Quarter Sawn and Plain Sawn. In this article, I will share some information and my opinions on the differences and help you pick the best option. Source: Tom Peter Flooring Quarter SawnPlain SawnPlain + GraphiteCostHighLowMediumDurabilityVery highStandardHighResistanceVery highStandardHighInstrument levelBoutiqueAnyMainlandTarget … Continue reading Guitar Neck Sawing Types

Lüzumsuz WhatsApp Mesajları Arkadaştan Ediyor

Durum Bir sosyal grubun parçası olmak, artık ilgili WhatsApp grubunun üyesi olmaya endekslenmiş halde. Haberleşme ve organizasyonların çoğu, WhatsApp grubundan yapılıyor. Geyik de öyle. Problem Sorun şu ki; WhatsApp, bazılarımız için aynı zamanda önemli bir iş aracı. Bazılarımız ise, şartlarından ötürü WhatsApp'a pek az vakit ayırabiliyor. Bu ve benzeri durumdaki kişilerin, lüzumsuz mesaj ve emojilerle … Continue reading Lüzumsuz WhatsApp Mesajları Arkadaştan Ediyor

HouseHold Ahimsa

Every product you buy, consume and throw away takes a toll on the environment. Production drains natural resources and creates pollution, while waste is a burden on Earth. So what can you do to help? BehaviorResultEnvironmentBuying lessLess productionLess pollutionMindful selectionHarmless productionSustainabilityMinimizing wasteLess thrashLess contamination This short post will share some suggestions and insights on how … Continue reading HouseHold Ahimsa