How I Use Buffer Pedals

If you are using a passive instrument, such as a guitar or passive bass, a buffer is arguably one of the most important pedals to get a good sound. Passive instruments typically provide a high-impedance output. This means that; as the length of the cable(s) between your guitar & amp increases, your tone quality decreases. … Continue reading How I Use Buffer Pedals

Todo Based Coding in ABAP

This article has been featured by SAP among March & April 2019 contributions. Today, I would like to demonstrate a very simple but effective programming habit that I use in ABAP development: TODO based coding. The idea is to plant TODO comments into the code (typically among multiple programs / classes) before actually starting … Continue reading Todo Based Coding in ABAP

Pedal Brand Ranking

In this post, I will share my subjective opinion on pedal companies. Obviously, every company has exceptionally good / bad pedals. The list below contains my impression of their average / common products. Multi-effect units typically lack a high quality sounds; therefore, this article is limited with single effect pedals that I have personally used … Continue reading Pedal Brand Ranking

Kader ve ─░rade

Bu konuda bana farkl─▒ kaynaklardan gelen sorular─▒ bu yaz─▒da cevaplamak istiyorum. “E─čer kaderimiz ba┼čtan belliyse; kafir olaca─č─▒m─▒z ve kalbimizin m├╝h├╝rlenece─či de ├Ânceden belliyse, ki┼činin buradaki tekam├╝l├╝ belli midir? T├╝m bunlar i├žinde irade i┼čin neresindedir?” ├ľncelikle, s├Âz konusu soruda bahsedilen konuyla ilgili baz─▒ ├Ârnek ayetlere g├Âz atal─▒m. Allah, onlar─▒n kalplerini ve kulaklar─▒n─▒ m├╝h├╝rlemi┼čtir. G├Âzlerinde de perde … Continue reading Kader ve ─░rade