Burun Açan Aktar Formülü

Burnu tıkalı olan veya solunum güçlüğü çekenler için, sihirli bir aktar formülü paylaşmak istiyorum. Alerjisi veya rahatsızlığı olanlar dikkat etsin; denemeye karar verenler sorumluluğunu almış sayılır.

Aktardan kekik yağı (suyu değil) ve China Oil edinin. Bir fincana, 10-15 damla kekik yağı ve China Oil dökün.

Kettle’da su ısıtıp, fincanı sıcak suyla doldurun.

Lavaboda, bu sıcak suyu burnunuzdan ve ağzınızdan soluyun.

Karışım çok kuvvetli olduğundan, en başta alışana kadar ufak ufak çekmenizi tavsiye ederim. Ayrıca gözlere de dikkat, yanabilirler. Bir süre soluduktan sonra, burun ve boğaz yolları akacak ve açılacaktır.


Turkcell Mobil İmza Kılavuzu

Sim Kart Edinmek

Mobil imza için 128K’lık sim kart gerekiyor öncelikle. Bayileri dolaştığınızda bu sim karttan muhtemelen bulamayacaksınız. Kart için Turkcell’e başvurmak gerekiyor.

Ancak; anladığım kadarıyla Turkcell müşteri hizmetleri mobil imza hizmeti veremiyor. Bu hizmeti bir başka birim yürütüyor. Bu birimle temasa geçmek için, 2929’a ara diye bir SMS atın.

Sizi aradıklarında, mobil imza başvurusu için şu anki cep telefonunuzla uyumlu 128K’lık bir sim kart istediğinizi söyleyin. Bu kart, adresinize telekurye ile geliyor ve sadece şahsa teslim ediliyor.

Kurye teslim bilgisini sisteme girdikten sonra, 24 saat içinde sim kart aktive olacak. Sim kartı ara sıra telefonunuza takıp aktivasyonunu takip edin. Yeni sim kartınızla bir süre bankacılık ilişkili SMS işlemi yapamayacağınızı da aklınızda bulundurun, hazırlığınızı ona göre yapın.

Sim kart aktive olduğunda, sıra mobil imzaya geliyor.


Mobil İmza Aktivasyonu

Sim kart telefonunuzda ve etkin olduktan sonra. adresine Login olup mobil imza başvurusuna tıklayın. Formu doldurun. Buradaki güvenlik kelimenizi unutmayın, birkaç kez daha lazım olacak.

Bir süre sonra SMS ile bir başlatma kodu gelecektir. Bu kod uzun bir süre gelmezse, yine 2929’a ara diye SMS atın, sizi aradıklarında başlatma kodunu telefonda öğrenebilirsiniz. Bu esnada telefonunuza “Mobil imzayı başlatın” diye bir bildirim gelse bile, başlatma kodu elinizde olmadan bu ekranda bir şey yapamazsınız.

Başlatma kodunu elde ettikten sonra; ya bir sonraki “Mobil imzayı başlatın” bildirimini bekleyin, ya da 5073’e EVET diye SMS atıp mobil imzayı manuel başlatın. Bu noktada adım adım mobil imza mesajları gelecek telefona, takip edin ve tamamlayın.

Takip sonunda, size son bir SMS ve E-Mail gelecek. Herhangi birindeki linkten açılan sayfa üzerindeki formu doldurun ve mobil imzayla işlemi tamamlayın, bu kadar.

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How To Pick A Profession

In this post, I’ll share some hints about picking a profession. This question has been asked me multiple times; therefore, I felt the urge to write a general guidance on the subject.

Basics of Trade

First, we need to focus on the basics. In a primitive community with no monetary system, people would trade goods and services. A hunter would give meat and pelt to a farmer in exchange of fruit and vegetables. Both provide something others need.

In such a community, a painter might find a hard time finding someone to trade because the houses might not have walls at all.

In order to be a part of the trade system and obtain things from others, one needs to provide something that others need.

Today, the same basic principles apply. Although money has become the main media of trading, the basic system of “provide to obtain” is still active. When you provide work, you get money as a symbol that you have provided something. Later on, you can give out this money to obtain another thing you need.

In the light of the basics of trade; one of the first questions that need to be asked is “What can I provide that my community needs?” . If you provide something that no one needs, you can’t expect to obtain anything in exchange.

This question can be broken into a few sub-questions.

What Does Your Community Need?

Analysing the country you plan to live in is an important step.

Different communities have different needs. A painter in an aboriginal tribe might be unemployed, but the same painter can make a living in a modern country. If you studied art history, good luck finding a job in in undeveloped country. You get the idea.

If you are familiar with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, you can easily relate to the idea that every community has an average place in the needs hierarchy.

An underdeveloped country struggling for nutrition and security has needs on the most basic levels. By default, you would need to focus on those levels.

On the other hand; a well developed country might have diverse needs covering academicians, artists and psychologists. In such a country, you could have a hard time finding a job as a blue collar worker (because production is automated) but might find a place as a shrink.

You need to consider the supply / demand balance of the need as well. You might think that the community needs yoga teachers, but if there are already thousands of yoga teachers seeking students, it means that the market is full and the need is satiated.

Future needs of the community is as important as the needs of today. If you foresee that a profession might be obsolete in 10 years (due to AI, for instance); it makes sense to stay away from it.

What Are You Good At?

Analysing your own strengths is another important step. In my opinion, one should focus on things that he/she does easily and others don’t.

Some tasks can be done easily by anyone because the task is easy. Those can be eliminated.

Some tasks can be done easily by certain people because the tasks comply with his/her strenghts. Those should be inspected as potential professions.

Many people tend to underrate their strenghts because they do it easily. If you do something easily which others don’t; this can lead to your future profession. This doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to work and sweat, but it means that putting the same energy as others will get you farther than others.

Here are some examples.

If you are naturally good at math, you might become an engineer or programmer.

If you feel comfortable with words and are an introvert, you might consider a career in writing or publishing.

If you are a naturally organized extrovert, project management or tourism might be your call.

If you have a strong natural compassion, becoming a social worker might be just the thing for you.

Those over-generalized examples should give you the basic idea.

The school system, or society overall, might have given you the impression that you need to be doing something you don’t like in order to gain something you like. While that might be true in some cases, it is not always true. Be mindful of your pre-learned patterns, and don’t let them make you unconsciously pick a profession where you would struggle for success because it’s requirements are your weaknesses (instead of strengths).

What Do You Love To Do?

Your profession will cover a significant part of your life. If you are not happy on your job, it is improbable to be happy in your overall life.

Confucius said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

Jessica Hische said “The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life”.

If you enjoy doing something even without compensation, in your free time, like a game of hobby, turning that thing into a profession might lead you to a happy life.

If you play an instrument in your spare time, you might consider a career on music. If you really enjoy airplanes and heights, why not becoming a pilot? If you create websites and/or small games in your spare time, you might consider a career on programming. If you love animals a lot, how about being a vet? You get the idea.

Realistically consider the future of your beloved hobby though. It would be a good idea to talk to professionals of the field in question to get a better insight about what is involved and expected if your hobby turned into a job.

For example; if you like to drive around and eat donuts in your free time, being a cop may seem appealing to you. However; after talking to a professional and understanding the dynamics of the job, you may start to consider if dealing with criminals is suitable for you or not. So, early reality checks are healthy.

Who Do You Know?

I have seen companies with ~100K employees look for new members through personal reference of the close circle – despite the large CV pool.

Personal reference is a significant factor in many industries. As a fresh graduate, you might get frustrated because your CV is ignored. However, if an influential person provides personal reference, the same company would possibly be willing to meet you.

Industries are actually large communities built of many sub-communities. Just like any community, having someone influential to introduce and initiate you makes your accretion much easier.

Considering your future career, close relations with important people from the industry is a significant advantage.

Bringing It All Together

The answer is to find something that the community needs, which you love doing and have a natural ability for. Knowing some key people from the industry is also important. Those are the basic ingredients you should be looking for.

  • The community always needs doctors and you may love the idea of healing people. But if you are unable to tolerate blood, you would have a hard time keeping up.
  • You may enjoy playing an instrument a lot, but if you fear airplanes and can’t travel, you might not be fit for touring.
  • You may love animals a lot, but you can’t be a competent vet if you have a hard time operating on them.
  • You may be in love with abstract art, but if your community doesn’t care about it, maybe you should keep it as a personal interest and look for a profession somewhere else.
  • You may feel like you would be a talented director, but if you know absolutely no one from the movie industry, you might have a hard time climbing up the career ladder.

You get the idea; the ideal case should mix all the ingredients.

  • If your missing ingredient is the need of the community, you could end up being poor.
  • If your missing ingredient is ability, you could be pigeonholed into a mediocre position.
  • If your missing ingredient is love, you could end up lacking enjoyment and life satisfaction.
  • If your missing ingredient is entourage, you could be left out of the industry altogether.

Find the profession that combines all ingredients, and you are one step closer to ikigai.

Hint: Early internship is a great way to understand if a potential job works for you or not.

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Expanding The Mind


When you make an observation, it leaves a mark in your mind. This is called a memory. Memories can be mental or emotional.

Memories cost time. Since time is a scarce resource, it would be wise to make meaningful and useful memories.


When you make multiple observations, you end up carrying multiple memories.


The mind typically processes the memories and builds a pattern. This pattern is called an opinion.

The mind likes economy. Instead of keeping all the memories, it is easier to keep an opinion. Therefore; memories can be forgotten, but opinions tend to linger.


When you have multiple opinions, the mind processes them and builds a macro pattern. This pattern is called a mindset.

Because the mind likes economy, it starts to automatically catch & process & evaluate the inputs based on the mindset. That’s where illusionary concepts are born; such as selective perception and stereotyping.


If you have only one mindset, you can understand and process only a small percentage of the phenomenon existing in the world. Fanatics are typical examples.

When someone shares an advice or opinion, question his/her mind span.

When you judge or conclude about something, question your own mind span.


If you take your time to make further observations in an emphatic, flexible and open minded approach, your mind can build more patterns. This will enable you to have a broader range of mindsets.

Observing foreign cultures, experimenting out of the comfort zone, facing fears and listening to alternative / opposing sources are typical examples of such expansions.


A broader range of mindsets can cover a larger percentage of the phenomenon in the world. You end up understanding the world more accurately and holistically.

You might also become more mature and understanding because you start seeing the mechanism behind things much better.


Coverage of multiple mindsets would obviously be deeper than the coverage of a single mindset.

Someone with a larger mind span will probably make more accurate conclusions and decisions.


Mind is not the last stop. Meditation can help you go beyond the mind, understand that you are not your mind, and see things more clearly.


Why I Post in English

This became one of the frequently asked questions. I would like to share some of the reasons why I prefer to post in English.

Why English?

English is regarded as the world’s universal language. A post targeting the global audience needs to be in English; which is the case for most of my posts.

I happen to have a global audience. Due to my technical articles and latest globally published book, I have a considerable amount of international followers which obviously don’t speak Turkish.

Looking at my closer circle; I have foreign relatives and friends as well.

  • My aunt is married to a Swiss man, so that part of the family speaks English & German only.
  • I also lived in Germany for a year, my German friends don’t speak Turkish either.
  • I also happen to have foreign friends in Turkey.
  • A large percentage of my Turkish friends speak English anyway.

Those are some of the reasons motivating me to prefer English over Turkish when posting something online.

When Turkish?

I am aware that not every Turkish citizen speaks English, and my posts might not be understood by some.

If a post is related to Turkey only, I choose to write in Turkish. Or; if I’m writing about a topic covered by global writers but lacks Turkish sources, I choose to write in Turkish as well. Typical examples can be found among my technical books, articles and my guide on Quran.


The inducements for posting in English mostly outweigh the inducements for posting in Turkish. That’s why I pick English as the default language.

I don’t have the time to translate every post to English, Turkish and German. However, online translation tools are getting better every day; so I’m counting on them.

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Things I Dislike in WhatsApp Groups

WhatsApp is one of the most significant global communication apps at this time. WhatsApp groups are unavoidable and mostly useful; however, they can be quite annoying at times. Here is a list of things I dislike in WhatsApp groups.

  • Sharing unrelated / trivial / supposedly funny posts, followed by more unrelated / trivial / supposedly funny replies
  • Conducting private chats in groups
  • Spamming the group with message chains
  • Sending dozens of distinct messages instead of sending paragraphs, causing lots of notifications
  • Sending work selfies to work related groups, where people see each other every day anyway
  • Sending messages in peculiar hours where people might be sleeping
  • Personal advertising

Those factors often make me leave WhatsApp groups I would actually like to participate. At such times, I wish that Slack would be used instead – where you engage group communication in multiple channels.

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Agartha Festivali’nde Sahne Al(a)madık

Shamoon olarak, 25-30 Ağustos 2017 tarihleri arasında Salda Gölü’nde yapılan Agartha Festivali‘nde yaşadığımız mağduriyeti kamuoyu ile paylaşmak istiyoruz. Amacımız, benzer mağduriyetlerin yaşanmaması.

Festival organizatörü İlker Ayas ile festivalden uzunca bir süre önce temasa geçerek, 26 Ağustos Cumartesi günü sahne almak ve ulaşım maliyetimizin karşılanması konularında mutabık kaldık.

Yol ücretini gelmeden önce istememize rağmen, Salda’ya vardığımızda alacağımız belirtildi. Durum bize alışılmadık ve şüpheli gelmesine rağmen; aramızda konuşup bu riski almaya karar verdik.

25 Ağustos Cuma günü Salda’ya vardık. Ses sistemini incelediğimizde; bize vaadedilen ekipmanın mevcut olmadığını gördük – ancak belki de başka yerde muhafaza ediliyordur diye İlker Bey’i aramaya koyulduk.

Festival alanına gecenin geç saatlerine kadar 3-4 kez gitmemize rağmen İlker Ayas’ı bulamadığımız gibi; sahne almamız gereken 26 Ağustos Cumartesi günü de kendisine ulaşamadık. Neden sonra telefonla ulaşabildiğimiz İlker Bey; bizi arayacağını söyledi ancak aramadı.

Sonuç olarak; sahne alamadığımız gibi, ulaşım maliyetimiz de karşılanmadı.

Tesellimiz; Salda’nın muhteşem doğası & samimi güzel insanlarıyla tanışmak ve küçük bir tatil yapmak oldu. Oraya kadar gitmişken biraz da çekim yaptık.

Gerek yüz yüze konuştuğumuz kişilerden; gerek Ekşi Sözlük, Facebook gibi sosyal medya sitelerinden edindiğimiz intiba; festivale giden pek çok kişinin de mağduriyet yaşadığı yönünde idi. Bilet başı 300 lira ödenen bu festivalin parasını haketmediği konusunda pek çok şikayet var. Salda sakinlerinin gürültü sebebiyle emniyet güçlerini harekete geçirdiği de kulağımıza geldi.

İlker Ayas’ın herhangi bir organizasyonunda bir daha sahne almayacağımızı kamuoyuna duyururuz. Benzeri mağduriyet yaşamak istemeyen müzisyen arkadaşlarımızın ve takipçilerimizin dikkatine sunulur.