Why we own multiple guitars

I'll try to answer this question by putting my current music life under the spotlight. Here is a list of my recent bands, and how good my alternative basses match them. Scores BandStyleP with flatsP with nickelsJ with steelsAfrotoliaAcoustic123Cenk SoyakPower Trio123Istanbul Funk UnitFunk123Jozi LeviLatin/Jazz321MinzenAmbient123Özge EstekinSoul/Jazz321PinyataPop/Rock321TushePop/Rock321 Let's summarize the scores. SubjectP with flatsP with nickelsJ with … Continue reading Why we own multiple guitars

Does neck profile affect bass sound?

Introduction This ancient question is asked occasionally; and the answers vary wildly. Some claim that a bigger/thicker neck correlates to a bigger/stronger sound, while others claim that neck profile doesn't affect the sound at all. So, what is the truth? Theory one: Neck profile affects the sound, and some people don't hear it because their … Continue reading Does neck profile affect bass sound?

Cali76 Compact Bass vs Hyper Luminal

If you need to go over compression basics, check this article first. This article is a subjective comparison of two prominent bass compressor pedals. The content below is mostly subjective; so I won't bother typing "this is just my opinion", "YMMV", etc. after every other sentence. Consider them applied. Both compressors offer similar functionality; such … Continue reading Cali76 Compact Bass vs Hyper Luminal

What’s wrong with scooping the mids of your bass?

Human ear can hear sounds between (roughly) 20Hz and 20KHz. And it is not objective; we hear some frequencies better than others - typically the mids. Generally speaking (ignoring artistic philosophies and whatnot); humans like to hear a full spectrum in a song where all frequencies between 20Hz and 20KHz are occupied and the volumes … Continue reading What’s wrong with scooping the mids of your bass?

Melodi: La Minör = Do Majör mü?

Hocam merhabalar.  Ben jazz müzisyeni değilim. Çok geniş akorlar ile müzik yapmıyorum. O nedenle triadlar üzerinden bir soru soracağım. Armoni de asıl olan tonal sınırları çizen melodidir değil mi? Akorlara da armonik fonksyon kazandıran melodidir (melodinin yönüdür). Bir örnekle sormak istiyorum.Am Dm G Am şeklinde bir akor yürüyüşünde çoğu müzisyen (ben de dahil) Ton La minördür diyerek … Continue reading Melodi: La Minör = Do Majör mü?

Bass String Features

In this post, I will review the features to consider when picking a bass string; ordered by significance. I will mark my personal favorites with a star. Features Winding Ordered from darkest to brightest; WindingSoundSuitable forTape-WoundDarkestDub, reggae, upright simulationFlat-WoundLess top-end, more bottom-endVintage, motown, R&B, blues, jazz, post-modern indieHalf-WoundHalf-RoundGround-WoundFlat-Wound plus some top endORRound-wound minus some top … Continue reading Bass String Features