Essential Checks on a New Bass Purchase

There are a lot of things to check during a new bass purchase. I want to share some of the most significant things that I look for. Each bass comes from a different set of trees, and have different wood / resonance / sound qualities. Basses from the same brand & model may wildly differ … Continue reading Essential Checks on a New Bass Purchase

How I Use Buffer Pedals

If you are using a passive instrument, such as a guitar or passive bass, a buffer is arguably one of the most important pedals to get a good sound. Passive instruments typically provide a high-impedance output. This means that; as the length of the cable(s) between your guitar & amp increases, your tone quality decreases. … Continue reading How I Use Buffer Pedals

Pedal Brand Ranking

In this post, I will share my subjective opinion on pedal companies. Obviously, every company has exceptionally good / bad pedals. The list below contains my impression of their average / common products. Multi-effect units typically lack a high quality sounds; therefore, this article is limited with single effect pedals that I have personally used … Continue reading Pedal Brand Ranking

Surplus of Expensive Guitars

In this post, I will share my opinions on the reasons why some guitars are significantly more expensive than others. I will also discuss if high price is correlated to a high quality, and if low price is correlated to a low quality. Why Expensive? Producing some of the most expensive basses on the market, … Continue reading Surplus of Expensive Guitars

8 Yaş İçin Elektro Gitar

Bir aile dostumuzun 8 yaşındaki oğlu, elektro gitara başlamak istiyormuş. Kısa bir piyasa araştırması sonucu, şu anda piyasada bulunan gitarlardan uygun olduğunu düşündüklerimi çıkardım. Genel Bilgiler Seçilen mağazaya gitmeden önce arayıp stok sormakta fayda var; bakmak istenen gitar ellerinde olmasa bile 1-2 güne getirtiyorlar deneyebilmek için. Aşağıda hem küçültülmüş, hem de yetişkin boyda gitarlar seçtim. … Continue reading 8 Yaş İçin Elektro Gitar