Precision vs Jazz Bass

Fender Precision Bass and Jazz Bass are among the most popular bass guitars out there. However; it is hard to decide which one you should buy. This article covers my (partially subjective) experience on the matter. Obvious Differences Precision Bass has a straight body, thick neck and a single pickup; which will produce a singular … Continue reading Precision vs Jazz Bass

Hafif ve Güçlü Bas Amfileri

Hafif, ev / prova / ufak işlerde kullanılabilecek, daha büyük işlerde de kişisel monitör yerine geçebilecek bir bas amfisi araştırdım. Türkiye piyasasında bulabildiklerim: Markbass Micromark 801: 6.5 kg, 60 Watt, 8″, Zuhal satıyor. Gallien Krueger MB110: 9.5 kg, 100 Watt, 10″, Senkop satıyor. Fender Rumble 100: 9.97 kg, 100 Watt, 12″, Limon ve Zuhal satıyor. Markbass Mini CMD … Continue reading Hafif ve Güçlü Bas Amfileri

Do You Need An Expensive Guitar?

I have recently purchased a supposedly entry-level humble bass guitar; but it’s quality and sound blew my mind. This motivated me towards sharing my opinion on cheap and expensive instruments. My personal opinion is; you don’t need anything beyond gear which doesn’t dissatisfy you. Skills over Gear First things first: Skill is much more important … Continue reading Do You Need An Expensive Guitar?

How I Use Compressors

Compressors are great helpers to help us maintain the balance of our sound. Depending on how we set it, a compressor can increase the volume of silent notes, decrease the volume of loud notes, or do both simultaneously. This article is a general compression guide for beginners. There are expensive studio compressors, affordable compressor pedals, … Continue reading How I Use Compressors