Where are the supplementary files of your books Veritabani Mantigi / Programcilik Mantigi?

The files are available at the publishers website (🇹🇷). In case the link is broken, here is an alternative link for Veritabani Mantigi.


Can I do a PhD while working?

I did it, so it is possible. But I don’t necessarily recommend it. I shared my own experience in this article (🇹🇷) .

How can I start learning go?

You should check my article How To Start Playing Go (🇺🇸) .

How do you manage your time?

The first step is to create spare time by avoiding TV (🇺🇸). For tips about time planning, check my conference at Marmara University (🇹🇷)  or my TEDx 2018 speech (🇹🇷). My central productivity app of choice is Apple Notes. I do private time management workshops; organized by Denge (🇹🇷).

I have an idea for a startup.

If you are wondering what I would think about your idea, you can read my article Things I Seek In A Startup (🇺🇸) .

I need setting up my mobile signature.

I wrote a guide for Turkcell (🇹🇷) which might be helpful.

Should I live abroad?

That would be a good decision in terms of experience and personal growth. I recommend reading about my experience in Germany (🇹🇷) and the reasons why I returned (🇹🇷).


Why did you unfriend / unfollow me?

You are likely to find the answer here (🇺🇸) .

Why do you post in English?

I have global followers, foreign relatives and friends which don’t speak Turkish. I explained my case here (🇺🇸) and  here (🇹🇷).


I am considering buying a bass.

First of all, you probably don’t need an expensive bass (🇺🇸). I have two articles on picking the right bass; one in English (🇺🇸) and one in Turkish (🇹🇷). If you are between a Precision – Jazz Bass, check this article (🇺🇸). My bass gear of choice can be seen here. You can also check the music.bass  category of my blog for countless tips & tricks.

How do you setup and EQ your basses?

I have published an article (🇺🇸) and a video (🇹🇷) on bass guitar setup. For EQ, check my article How I EQ my Basses (🇺🇸) . Guitar players might find them useful too.

SAP / Tech

I am considering buying a Mac.

As a satisfied Mac customer, I recommend getting one. Here are some of my articles to help you decide: Why I Like Mac’s Better over PC’s (🇺🇸) , Mac Prejudices (🇺🇸) , Checklist After a New Mac Purchase (🇺🇸) . I keep an updated list of the apps I use (🇺🇸) . You can also check the software.mac category of my blog for countless tips & tricks. Finally; sihirlielma.com (🇹🇷) has many valuable articles for new Mac users.

I need guidance on my career.

If you are looking for general guidance, you’ll find it here: How To Pick A Profession (🇺🇸).

If you are looking for SAP / ABAP specific guidance, you are likely to find most of your answers by watching my career conference at Halic University (🇹🇷) or by reading my article Career in ABAP (🇺🇸). Freelancer aspirants should read this article (🇹🇷), while new graduates should read that article (🇹🇷). My ally Ümit Erol has also published some good articles (🇹🇷) on the subject.

I need technical advice on ABAP.

To advance as a software architect, I recommend reading my SAP Press book Design Patterns in ABAP Objects (🇺🇸) . I have published most of my ABAP documents on SlideShare and my personal code library on GitHub. You can also check the software.sap category of my blog for countless tips & tricks.

Why do you prefer Object Oriented ABAP?

Because it has significant advantages over procedural ABAP, especially when empowered by design patterns. Check my corresponding article (🇹🇷.


I am considering getting a tattoo.

You should check my Tattoo FAQ article (🇹🇷) .

I am looking for a shrink.

My sister is a therapist.

I have questions about yoga.

You should check my Yoga FAQ article (🇹🇷) .

I need help understanding The Quran.

Check my central page about The Quran (🇹🇷), which contains hierarchical links to my posts under the category “kuran“. You can also watch my YouTube series (🇹🇷) on the subject.

I want to lose weight.

I lost 16 kgs in one year; if interested, check my article How I Lost 16 KG (🇺🇸) .

What is the best style for street defense?

This question doesn’t have a singular correct answer, however, my opinion article Best Style for Street Fights (🇺🇸) can help you decide.