In scope of my workshops, I share my know-how on (mostly) technical topics. The content is based on live project experience, and the case studies are select real world requirements.


🎓 Classical ABAP
Basic BC knowledge, report development, misc. basic topics, SmartForm development, dialog programming

🎓 Non-Tech ABAP
Basic BC knowledge, debugging, enhancement methods, technical specs


🎓 Integration
Integration methods, algorithms, SOAP, REST, indirect access

🎓 Object Oriented ABAP
Introduction, concepts, OO principles, design principles


🎓 Design Patterns
Architectural patterns, creational patterns, structural patterns, behavioral patterns, anti-patterns

🎓 Modern ABAP
Performance, reliability, algorithms, new ABAP elements, code review

Special Topics

🎓 BRF+
Overview, applications, catalogs, functions, data objects, expressions, rules, rulesets, actions, dynamic rule creation

🎓 Fiori
Overview, OData services, SAP UI5, Web Ide, MVC, XML views, i18n, navigation, execution, browser debugging, deployment

🎓 Web Dynpro
Overview, visual elements, tips & tricks, frequently used standard elements

🎓 Workflow
Overview, setting up workflow environment, workflow development, sending notifications, useful tips


🎓 Career
Building an SAP career, entering the market, trending topics, insights, Q&A

🎓 Organizational Behavior
OB basics, values, attitudes, personality, emotions, perception, decision making, motivation, groups, communication, leadership, negotiation, culture, HR practices, organizational change, stress management, learning organizations

🎓 Time Management
Creating spare time, picking the right tool, GTD, priorities, procrastination


My former workshop clients include: Abdi İbrahim (Design Patterns), Umur (ABAP), BSH (BRF+), Çözümevi (ABAP, WF)Diversey (ABAP)Halic University (Career), Kordsa (Design Patterns)Marmara University (Career, Time Management), Metric (Design Patterns).

I also did public design pattern workshop on SAP Forum 2016 and SAP Tech Ed Istanbul 2017.