Simple FTP Automation on a Mac

I had the requirement to automate an FTP upload task on my Mac. Basically, there was one single HTML file I was editing & uploading frequently, and I was tired of using an app for that. I needed a faster solution. Which I did. I’m sharing my solution which could help others as well. First … Continue reading Simple FTP Automation on a Mac

Abap Career Resources

This post consolidates my resources on ABAP careers. Your potential questions are most probably answered in one of the following links: My blog has a dedicated section containing articles on this subject. Some significant articles are “Career in ABAP” (EN) for beginners and “Freelancing in ABAP” (TR) for freelancer candidates. My YouTube channel has a dedicated playlist containing … Continue reading Abap Career Resources

True Essence of Religion: Inner Animal vs Holy Spirit

What is religion? Everybody seems to have an answer for that. Today, I would like to talk about one of the more important, yet less recognized aspects of religion. In it’s most basic understanding, religion provides rules and practices to manage the relations between human, God, nature and social life. Leaving nature and social life … Continue reading True Essence of Religion: Inner Animal vs Holy Spirit

How to Work with Programmers

Sharing the Same Room with a Programmer We need silence. Every time you speak loud next to a programmer, you may be planting a bug into his/her code. Every time you interrupt a concentrated programmer, you demolish a mental card castle which he/she must rebuild. If a programmer is wearing headphones, it means that either … Continue reading How to Work with Programmers

Career in ABAP

In this paper, I will try to summarize my experience about being an ABAP developer. I work professionally in the SAP market since 2000 (in Turkey / Germany); you can say I’ve been around the block a couple of times. Still, this is not a scientific paper. It is rather my own subjective experience on … Continue reading Career in ABAP