Muse Bass Sound

Like many other bass players, I have been searching for a usable Muse bass sound. Chris Wolstenholme has sh*tloads of pedals and his tone obviously differs from song to song. The idea in this post is not an exact imitation; it is rather about getting a base tone which is passable for various songs. If the … Continue reading Muse Bass Sound

Source Audio Hot Hand 3

This unit can be evaluated as an expression pedal in shape of a ring in your hand. It can be combined with any Soundblox pedal, or also 3rd party pedals with expression inputs. I use this unit as a controller of my Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter. It is possible to create very unique sounds and … Continue reading Source Audio Hot Hand 3

Source Audio Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter

This is a great envelope filter, even without the Hot Hand. It keeps the dry signal as well, so bottom end doesn’t get completely lost, and has lots of presets for different applications. Combine it with the Hot Hand, and you get yourself a nice combo for various tonal possibilities. Compared to MXR bass envelope … Continue reading Source Audio Soundblox Bass Envelope Filter