iPhone Trick: How To Send WhatsApp Messages From Your Mac

For Mac + iPhone users, it is near impossible to send WhatsApp messages from the desktop. However, there is a trick to make your life easier and write WhatsApp messages using your keyboard. First, download & setup iKeyboard on your Mac; which is available here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ikeyboard/id441439411?mt=12 . iKeyboard basically lets you use your Mac keyboard … Continue reading iPhone Trick: How To Send WhatsApp Messages From Your Mac

Simple FTP Automation on a Mac

I had the requirement to automate an FTP upload task on my Mac. Basically, there was one single HTML file I was editing & uploading frequently, and I was tired of using an app for that. I needed a faster solution. Which I did. I’m sharing my solution which could help others as well. First … Continue reading Simple FTP Automation on a Mac

Mac Prejudices

“Mac’s are more expensive than PC’s”Wrong. The price tag on an average Mac will be higher than the price tag of an average PC. However, Mac’s use the best hardware available on the market. Look for a PC using the same quality hardware; and if you can find one, the price difference won’t be that … Continue reading Mac Prejudices

Mac Browser Comparison

Here is my subjective Mac browser comparison. Safari: OK for regular usage, runs Java 7 (64 bit), has private browsing (lacks shortcut by default); but has problems accessing SAP OSS/SDN and lacks OS independent proxy settings. Chrome: OK for regular usage, SAP OSS/SDN works fine, has private browsing; but can’t run Java 7 (64 bit) … Continue reading Mac Browser Comparison