ABAP Nested Loop Performance

If you are not familiar with different internal table types, I recommend reading this post first. During an ABAP performance discussion, we decided to run tests to decide on the best method for nested loops. The example was to have an outer loop of BKPF and an inner loop of BSEG. Nesting two raw loops gives … Continue reading ABAP Nested Loop Performance

SAP PI or Not?

There have been lots of discussions on using SAP PI or not. The same applies to my projects as well: Often enough, project management needs to make a decision on running integrations through PI. I want to share my highly subjective point of view regarding this matter. Using PI has its advantages, which you can find … Continue reading SAP PI or Not?

İstanbul’da İş Bulmak

Bir E-Mail’e attığım cevabı, başkalarına da faydası olabilir diye paylaşıyorum. İstanbul’da rekabet biraz yüksek; bilgisayar mühendisliği mezunu olmak parlak bir iş bulmak için garanti değil şu anda. Pek çok öğrenci, sektörde nereye odaklanmak istediğini aşağı yukarı belirliyor ve üniversite 3 -4. sınıf itibariyle yarı zamanlı bile olsa bu konuda bir yerlerde çalışmaya başlıyor. Mezun olduğunda, … Continue reading İstanbul’da İş Bulmak

Abap Career Resources

This post consolidates my resources on ABAP careers. Your potential questions are most probably answered in one of the following links: My blog has a dedicated section containing articles on this subject. Some significant articles are “Career in ABAP” (EN) for beginners and “Freelancing in ABAP” (TR) for freelancer candidates. My YouTube channel has a dedicated playlist containing … Continue reading Abap Career Resources

ABAP Internal Table Indexing

Hi ABAPeople! In this long promised article, I will talk about primary keys and indexes in internal tables. Nope, I’m not talking about database tables. Yes, I’m talking about “internal” tables. Yes, you heard it right: You can define primary keys and indexes for internal tables, just like database tables. Yes, this improves performance a … Continue reading ABAP Internal Table Indexing

ABAP Pointers

According to Zevolving, work areas seem to have slightly better performance over pointers. Clients always want faster ABAP programs. And for a good reason too. If programs work faster, less time is wasted and the overall productivity would be increased – in theory at least. In practice, it might mean “More time to loaf on … Continue reading ABAP Pointers

How to Work with Programmers

Sharing the Same Room with a Programmer We need silence. Every time you speak loud next to a programmer, you may be planting a bug into his/her code. Every time you interrupt a concentrated programmer, you demolish a mental card castle which he/she must rebuild. If a programmer is wearing headphones, it means that either … Continue reading How to Work with Programmers