ABAP Nested Loop Performance

If you are not familiar with different internal table types, I recommend reading this post first. During an ABAP performance discussion, we decided to run tests to decide on the best method for nested loops. The example was to have an outer loop of BKPF and an inner loop of BSEG. Nesting two raw loops gives … Continue reading ABAP Nested Loop Performance

Abap Career Resources

This post consolidates my resources on ABAP careers. Your potential questions are most probably answered in one of the following links: My blog has a dedicated section containing articles on this subject. Some significant articles are “Career in ABAP” (EN) for beginners and “Freelancing in ABAP” (TR) for freelancer candidates. My YouTube channel has a dedicated playlist containing … Continue reading Abap Career Resources

Checklist After a New Mac Purchase

Hardware Make sure that you purchased the Apple VGA adapter so you can connect to beamers. Check if you need more; such as a DVI adapter. Newer Mac’s may lack CD drives and network cable ports (both obsolete). If you need any of them, USB is your friend – purchase an external CD reader and … Continue reading Checklist After a New Mac Purchase